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JUNE 10 2024

Kingdom of Madness are pleased to share further details of their upcoming UK "LEGACY" tour dates in this official press release:

Classic-era members continue to keep “The Spirit” of Magnum alive, performing music from the band’s celebrated 1978-94 period…

One of the UK’s finest exponents of melodic rock music, Magnum achieved high album and singles chart positions in both the UK and Europe and gained a reputation as one of the UK most captivating live bands, with regular sell-out concerts at major venues.

While Magnum may no longer be performing, aficionados of this much-loved band can continue to enjoy their acclaimed catalogue of music, performed by core musicians from the band’s classic periods.

Long standing Magnum keyboard player Mark Stanway (1980-2016) is joined in Kingdom of Madness by fellow ex-Magnum members Micky Barker (drums, 1985-95), Richard Bailey (keyboards/flute, 1975-80), as well as Mo Birch (vocals/percussion, Magnum live and studio appearances). For their 2024/25 shows, they are joined by bassist Brian Badhams, vocalist Chris Dando, and guitarist Alan Bell.

“The best way to respect to the band's legacy and to “keep the night light burning” is to ensure that this fine catalogue of songs continues to be played and heard,” says Mark Stanway, keyboard player with Magnum for 36 years.

The LEGACY tour will dig deep into the Magnum back catalogue. Audiences can expect a generous helping of material from the band’s early Jet Records period with tracks from the “Kingdom of Madness”, “Magnum II”, “Chase the Dragon” and “The Eleventh Hour” albums, as well as stage favourites from the band’s 1985 commercial breakthrough “On a Storyteller’s Night” plus other best-selling albums including “Vigilante”, “Wings of Heaven” and beyond.

“We’ve put a lot of time into refreshing our set list for this tour,” says Mark Stanway, “and we can promise a very different show from what people may have seen from Kingdom of Madness to date. Certain songs we’re playing from the very early days have not been played live in over forty years.”

This union of classic members of one the UK’s most revered melodic rock bands has already been met with the highest acclaim from both music critics and audiences alike:

“This was no pale imitation of an inimitable band”, wrote Andy Rawll at Metal Talk. “This incredible group of musicians showed their respect of the legacy of Magnum. The beauty was in the verve and euphoria of an unfettered performance, delivered with style, that delighted those in the crowd, as much as it did those on stage.”

David Randall at Get Ready to Rock added: “This really was a night of Magnum nostalgia and an evocative celebration of the band’s heritage.”

The “spirit” of Magnum lives on in the Kingdom of Madness….

SEPT 5th  Stoke, Eleven, UK

SEPT 6th  Nuneaton, Queens Hall, UK

SEPT 12th  Chislehurst, Beaverwood Club, UK

SEPT 19th  Sheffield, Greystones, UK

SEPT 20th  Buckley, Tivoli, UK  

OCT 11th  Wolverhampton, KK's Steel Mill, UK

OCT 12th  Manchester, Academy, Firefest, UK

NOV 15th  Great Yarmouth, HRH Prog, UK

NOV 1st  Hasting, Carlisle Rock Venue, UK

NOV 28th  Cardiff, Earl Haig Club, UK

DEC 1st  Wakefield, Venue 23, UK (2pm show)


JAN 8 2024

Kingdom of Madness looks forward to its return to the live stage next year. Here is an update of the shows we have confirmed for 2024 so far:


APRIL 11th  Barcelona, Sala Wolf, Spain

APRIL 12th  Vitoria, Urban Rock, Spain

APRIL 13th  Santander, Escenario Santander, Spain

APRIL 14th  Madrid, Shoko, Spain

JULY 27th  Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Headbangers Open Air, Germany

SEPT 5th  Stoke, Eleven, UK

SEPT 6th  Nuneaton, Queens Hall, UK

SEPT 12th  Chislehurst, Beaverwood Club, UK

SEPT 19th  Sheffield, Greystones, UK

SEPT 20th  Buckley, Tivoli, UK  

OCT 12th  Manchester, Academy, Firefest, UK

NOV 15th  Great Yarmouth, HRH Prog, UK


Further shows to be added.


Our 2024 shows will see the band joined by vocalist Chris Dando.


Logistics and geographics have necessitated a personnel change for 2024. As always, our mission is to bring you top quality performances of the 1978-94 Magnum material, with a core of Magnum alumni firmly at the helm, and we are extremely grateful for having such a rich pool of first-rate musicians to draw from. Please join us in giving Chris a very warm welcome to the band.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Pascall sincerely for his outstanding live performances with KoM over the past two years and wish him the very best for the future. As with all previous KoM members, the door remains open for future collaboration, should an opportunity present itself.


OCT 9 2023

Kingdom of Madness are pleased to announce their first live shows outside of the UK, with four shows in Spain confirmed for April 2024. See tour dates page for details.

For these shows, the band will be joined by vocalist Chris Dando, due to Mark Pascall being unavailable owing to prior commitments. Not wishing to turn down this opportunity to take Classic Magnum music to European audiences, the band counts itself highly fortunate to have the luxury of having the services of another world class vocalist to put his personal stamp on this great catalogue of songs for these dates....


MAY 4 2022


Following last week’s postponement of shows in Swindon and Colchester due to a band member testing Covid-positive, it had been hoped that the recovery period would allow the band to resume touring this week. However, regrettably, there has been a further spread within the band with another member testing positive today. As such, Kingdom of Madness need to postpone the shows due to be performed this week in Maidenhead, Havant and Tavistock.

Ticket outlets will be in contact with ticket holders directly – please retain existing tickets which will remain valid for rescheduled shows as per below:


Dec 2 2022  Tavistock The Wharf

Mar 16 2023 Colchester Arts Centre

Mar 17 2023 Swindon Level III

Mar 18 2023 Havant The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre

Mar 25 2023 Maidenhead Norden Farm Centre for the Arts


APRIL 29 2022


Regrettably, due to a member of the band testing Covid-positive this morning, Kingdom of Madness have a need and a responsibility, for obvious health and safety reasons, to postpone the shows due to be performed this weekend in Swindon and Colchester.

The band regret the obvious disappointment caused but it is necessary to put the safety of band, crew, venue staff and, of course, audiences first and foremost.

The band’s agents are working on rescheduling these two shows and we should be able to make an announcement soon. Ticket outlets will be in contact with ticket holders directly – please retain existing tickets which will remain valid for revised dates. It is hoped that the band can be back on stage very soon and that the remainder of the band’s May 2022 shows can go ahead as planned.

APRIL 8 2022


Unfortunately we have to announce that due to logistical circumstances beyond the direct control of KoM and its agents, it has been necessary to postpone the band's show at Sheffield Corporation from April 23rd to Dec 11th 2022. Please note this affects this one show only and plans are for the rest of the tour dates for 2022 to proceed as planned.

MARCH 24 2022

Kingdom of Madness commence their 2022 UK touring during April 2022. A full list of tour dates (including shows rescheduled from 2020/21 can be found here)

The band has also recently posted online some great live promo footage, filmed at the Newhampton Arts Centre on Dec 18th 2021. Click here to view the videos


While nationwide touring has not been possible for KoM in 2021, due to various logistical and safety issues related to Covid-19, we are delighted to be able to announce that KoM will be holding just one very special event this December.

On Saturday Dec 18th 2021, Kingdom of Madness will hold an intimate showcase event at the band’s favourite “local” venue, the Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton. This full length concert, which will feature an evening of Classic Magnum material including songs not yet played by KoM, will serve as a launch for the band’s new line-up and will also be filmed for promotional use, with footage from the show used online to promote the 2022 tour dates.

Tickets are now on sale and we hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us and be part of this event and witness the start of the next exciting phase of KoM.

Given the current situation which makes touring so difficult, this local date is KoM’s only planned appearance in 2021

AUGUST 27 2021

It is with regret that we have to announce the postponement of our Autumn 2021 UK tour dates. This comes after much consideration and discussion between band members as well as with agents, promoters and venues. Despite the fact that shows can now take place legally, there still remains a huge concern about the continuing increase in new Covid cases and deaths. Our primary concern remains the health and safety of the band, it's crew and it's audiences and at this point in time it appears we still have a little way to go before live shows can be considered truly safe (several high profile artists for example having recently tested Covid-positive while on tour, despite double vaccination).

KoM remains intent on playing all contracted shows and the revised dates confirmed so far are listed on our tour dates page. Tickets should remain valid for new shows. We ask ticket holders to please be patient and wait a few days for ticket outlets to update their systems and contact customers regarding transfer to the new dates, etc


We are awaiting revised dates for Glasgow and Maidenhead – please kindly refrain from contacting those venues just yet as we hope to be able to confirm rescheduled dates very soon. We also hope to announce some additional shows. All updates will be made here on the official KoM website.

AUGUST 6 2021

It is with disappointment that we have to announce that Tony Martin will be unable to appear with Kingdom of Madness for the band’s upcoming shows. Tony committed to the KoM tour dates (pre-Covid) in good faith but as we all know much has changed in the world since then. The planet is now a somewhat different place and we totally understand any artist’s decision not to tour whilst Covid remains prevalent, particularly with the ongoing threat of new variants, etc.  In Tony’s case, with him having vulnerable close family members, this is a particularly sensitive issue for him. We know this has been a very difficult decision to make and he is totally right to put the safety of his family first and avoid all risks. Tony remains a friend of the band and the door remains open for future collaboration should the opportunity arise. We wish Tony well with all future projects including his forthcoming solo album.


KoM remains committed to honouring its tour dates, Covid permitting, and much activity is presently going on behind the scenes. We are pleased to announce the addition to the band of Mark Pascall – an immensely talented and experienced vocalist who has received great acclaim for his work with Cats in Space, as well as his band Departed, plus recent appearances with Myke Gray (Jagged Edge/Skin). Early rehearsal sessions with Mark have been highly rejuvenating for the band after the past year of enforced inactivity. Mark has a natural feel for the melodic rock style of the classic Magnum material and is a first class frontman. Please join us in welcoming Mark warmly to the KoM family. We truly look forward to working further in the rehearsal room as we develop a fresh and exciting new live show.






JANUARY 22 2021


Regrettably KoM is forced to postpone it's Spring 2021 tour dates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The band remains committed to honouring all existing professional commitments, but only at a time when it is fully safe to do so.

The following dates have so far been rescheduled (and the remainder will follow in due course). Tickets already purchased will remain valid. Please note it may take a while for venues and ticket agencies to update their websites and contact ticket holders. We ask ticket holders to please be patient as venue offices will be working with reduced staff at this time. Thank you for your ongoing support.



Oct 29 London, Under the Bridge

Nov 3 Newcastle, Cluny

Nov 4 Kinross, Green Hotel

Nov 5 Glasgow, Hard Rock Cafe

Nov 11 Stoke, Eleven

Nov 12 Leicester, Y Theatre

Nov 13 Sheffield, Corporation

Nov 19 Buckley, Tivoli

Nov 25 Maidenhead, Norden Farm Centre

Nov 26 Swindon, Level III

Dec 4 Bradford, Nightrain

Dec 10 Colchester, Arts Centre

Dec 11 Havant, The Spring

Dec 12 Milton Keynes, The Stables

JULY 6 2020



We regret that due to the present COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty as to when and how venues will be allowed to re-open, we have no option but to postpone all previously announced touring until 2021. This decision has been made after much thought and consultation between the band, its agent and the venues and promoters concerned and with the health and safety of audiences being the primary concern.


The revised list of tour dates, which now includes additional venues, is as follows:


March 2021
10 Newcastle, Cluny 1
11 Kinross, Green Hotel
12 Glasgow, Hard Rock Café
26 Stoke, Eleven
27 Havant, The Spring Arts Centre


April 2021
1 London, Under the Bridge
2 Milton Keynes, Stables
3 Maidenhead, Norden Farm Centre
4 Colchester, Arts Centre
9 Swindon, Level III
10 Buckley, Tivoli
11 Sheffield, Corporation
23 Leicester, Y Theatre


May 2021
1 Bradford, Nightrain


Sept 2021
4 Hamburg, Indoor Summer Festival


Tickets held for the original dates will remain valid and the venues will be in touch with ticket holders shortly regarding the revised dates. Please be patient as venues and ticketing agents are currently working with reduced staff and so may take longer than normal to update their systems. Any queries regarding tickets should be directed to the point of purchase.

Please note shows marked * are not yet on sale but will be announced by the venues over the coming weeks. Ticket links will also be posted on KoM website.

We thank our agents, promoters, venues and of course our audiences for their support and look forward to performing Classic MAGNUM (1978-94) in 2021....

JUNE 26 2020



We have understandably received a number of enquiries as regards whether or not our Autumn 2020 tour dates will be taking place given the present COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturally, the health and safety of our audiences is of paramount concern and our agent is currently in discussions with all venues on the Autumn 2020 tour as regards the best course of action taking into account both safety considerations and the fact that no definite date has yet been given by the Government as to when venues will re-open. Suffice to say we plan to honour all professional commitments if possible and contingency plans are being put in place to take effect in the event that we are unable to tour in 2020.

We plan to make a definite tour announcement through KoM official social media and website on 6 July 2020 – until then any “leaked” information that appears elsewhere should be considered unconfirmed and unauthorised. If it’s not on the KoM website or social media, then it’s not official!

We would ask fans kindly to sit tight until our official 6 July 2020 announcement – which will address the tour as a whole – and refrain from online speculation regarding individual dates and / or enquiring via venue box offices etc at a time when they are inundated with enquiries relating to postponed shows and are working with reduced staff, etc.


Thanks everyone for your support and patience! We are all really looking forward to getting back on stage to perform Classic Magnum….



MAY 15 2020


More exciting Kingdom of Madness activity coming up this weekend on the official Facebook page.

Mark Stanway will be online again this Saturday 16th May at 8pm on the official KoM Facebook page for a second live video Q&A session to answer some more questions that he didn't get around to in the first session two weeks ago. Part Two was pre-recorded by Mark earlier this week after a live attempt last weekend was plagued by technical issues.


In addition, following his performance of "All Come Together" two weeks ago, Richard has been back in his home studio filming another video clip this past week. This time the track is taken from 1979's "Magnum II" album and has not been played live since around 1981 - can you guess what it might be? Find out at 8pm TONIGHT, Friday 15th May when the video premieres on the official KoM Facebook page.

MAY 3 2020

For anyone who missed Mark Stanway's live video Q&A session that took place last night on the official KoM Facebook page, you can view the full 70 minute session by clicking here.

Special thanks to all who contributed questions, positive feedback, etc.




MAY 1 2020

Hi everyone, we hope you are all safe and well in these strange times. We have some exciting news to bring you of some VERY special activity taking place on the KoM Facebook page this weekend.....

Firstly, be sure to check out this special video upload featuring RICHARD BAILEY in his home studio lovingly recreating one of Magnum's earliest tracks - "All Come Together" from the debut Magnum album "Kingdom of Madness" - a track that has not been played live since 1980. Click here to view.

Furthermore, MARK STANWAY will be holding an hour long live video Q&A session on the KoM Facebook page this Saturday May 2nd at 8pm.


Now, here is your chance to ask Mark anything you wish about Magnum history, KoM plans, his career to date or music in general. We are taking advance questions now, so please post your questions either via the Facebook page or by e-mail here to reach us no later than 3pm on Sat 2nd May.


Make the questions as interesting and original as possible! Please no questions relating to requests for KoM to play specific venues / towns please, as answering each of these would take up a large part of the session, meaning others do not get answered.

There will also be a chance to post additional questions on the night which will be answered subject to available time, but Mark will be answering questions posted in advance as priority.

MARCH 13 2020

Kingdom of Madness are delighted to announce that joining the band for its 2020 UK shows is vocalist Tony Martin to perform Classic Magnum from the celebrated 1978-94 era.

Tony obviously needs little introduction to rock fans. As a long serving vocalist of Black Sabbath he toured the world several times over during 1987-97 and recorded five highly acclaimed studio albums plus one live album/video.

Additionally he has maintained an active solo career and collaborated with numerous first division artists including M3 Classic Whitesnake which also featured Magnum’s Mark Stanway and Jimmy Copley alongside the Whitesnake trio of Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody and Neil Murray.


His connection with Magnum goes back further still to his earlier band the Alliance supporting Magnum on its Nov/Dec 1985 UK tour.

“We feel incredibly honoured to have our good friend Tony Martin on board for these dates,” says Mark Stanway. “We are confident our audiences will enjoy hearing Tony’s distinctive vocal style within the context of an evening of classic Magnum songs and from rehearsals to date it has become clear that this promises to be a highly exciting collaboration. Since the inception of Kingdom of Madness in 2018 we have been blessed to have had several top drawer musicians join the nucleus of Micky, Richard, Mo and myself. Working with musicians of such a high calibre requires a certain amount of flexibility, of course, since players of this quality are very much in demand for other projects and so changes are somewhat inevitable from time to time. However, I consider myself truly fortunate to have such a rich pool of talent to draw from, established through friendships forged and maintained over the past five decades in music. While no one can predict the future, what we can assure our audiences of is an ongoing commitment to quality.”


Tony Martin adds: "Thank you for the warm welcome, i’m really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of loonies in a kingdom of madness! ... Just kidding... Great to be able to help friends out and give another life to some well loved songs. See you all out there".


Kingdom of Madness with Tony Martin appear at:


17 Sept Newcastle, The Cluny
18 Sept Glasgow, Hard Rock Cafe
19 Sept Kinross, Green Hotel
25 Sept London, Under the Bridge
26 Sept Havant, The Spring
27 Sept Milton Keynes, Stables
2 Oct Stoke, Eleven
3 Oct Buckley, Tivoli
4 Oct Sheffield Corporation
10 Oct Swindon, Level III
30 Oct Colchester, Arts Centre
31 Oct Maidenhead, Norden Farm Centre
3 Dec Wolverhampton, Newhampton Arts Centre *
4 Dec Bradford, Nightrain *


All shows are now on sale except* for which on sale dates will be announced shortly

MARCH 11 2020

At this point we regrettably have to announce that Chris Ousey is unable to commit to the Sept/Oct 2020 Kingdom of Madness shows. This is Chris’ personal decision. He remains a friend and the door stays open for the future. Needless to say everyone in the band has full respect for the quality of Chris’ performances within KoM to date.

KoM welcomes vocalist Rick Chase (pictured) as a special guest for its Hamburg Indoor Festival show. With a wealth of stage and studio experience within the melodic and classic rock arenas (Mama’s Boys, Graffiti, Rage of Angels, John Coghlan’s Quo, etc), Rick is blessed with considerable vocal range and looks forward to delivering his interpretation of the Classic Magnum material at KoM’s first German appearance. If early rehearsal sessions with Rick are anything to go by, the Hamburg audience is in for a real treat!

There will be a further announcement over the coming days regarding the vocalist position for the UK tour dates. Watch this space for some exciting news...




NOV 25 2019

We are pleased to announce UK tour dates for Autumn 2020:


Sept 17 Newcastle, the Cluny
Sept 18 Glasgow, Hard Rock Cafe
Sept 19 Kinross, Green Hotel
Sept 25 London, Under the Bridge
Sept 26 Havant, The Spring Arts Centre
Sept 27 Milton Keynes, Stables
Oct 2 Stoke, Eleven
Oct 3 Buckley, Tivoli
Oct 4 Sheffield, Corporation
Oct 10 Swindon, Level III
Oct 30 Colchester, Arts Centre
Oct 31 Maidenhead, Norden Farm Arts Centre

(Please check with venues for on-sale dates. Further dates to be confirmed soon)




NOV 18 2019

A massive thank you to everyone who came last night to our Wolverhampton show and making it such a special night. As was blatantly apparent we thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of entertaining you. Huge thanks to Alan Bell who stood in on guitar with us at very short notice - fantastic performance - and many thanks also to the mighty talented Rob Hayes who guested on guitar with us on "Sacred Hour". An altogether brilliant night; heartfelt thanks from Mark, Micky, Richard, Brian, Mo, Chris, Alan & Rob. Thanks to all the staff at the NAC and finally as always thanks to our wonderful KoM team, Gary, Alex, Eddie and Sue.

Until the next time!!   Mark



AUG 8 2019

It is with great regret that we have to announce that, for reasons personal to him, Laurence Archer has decided to leave Kingdom of Madness with immediate effect. We would all like to thank Laurence for his musical input into KoM to date and of course wish him the very best for the future. As regards Kingdom of Madness, it is business as usual and we are very much in this for the long haul – all shows announced will go ahead as planned and we look forward to announcing further plans for 2020 soon. As the news of Laurence’s departure only reached us yesterday, we are not yet in a position to announce a replacement, but already exciting discussions are taking place between the members concerning this and we are certain that audiences will find the next stage in the development of KoM exciting musically – stay tuned! As always, we thank you for your support.

JUNE 28 2019

It is with regret that we have to announce Neil Murray’s departure from Kingdom of Madness, to allow him to participate in preparations and performances for a nationwide UK tour of the Queen musical “We Will Rock You”, scheduled to run from September 2019 through to the Summer of 2020 and possibly beyond.

This decision has been made mutually between the band and Neil and everyone involved with Kingdom of Madness would like to thank Neil for his invaluable contribution to the band to date and wish him a successful tour with WWRY. By return Neil expresses that he has enjoyed his time with KoM and wishes the band every success for the future. Neil remains a friend and a member of the extended KoM “family”.

Joining Kingdom of Madness with immediate effect is bassist Brian Badhams. Brian’s association with the various members of Kingdom of Madness dates back to the mid-1970s when he was bassist/vocalist in Rainmaker, which also featured Mark Stanway on keyboards. He also worked alongside Richard Bailey as a member of Bernie Marsden’s Alaska. A world-class musician, Brian has also played with Steve Gibbons, Climax Blues Band, Bev Bevan, Elkie Brooks plus many other top artists covering a wide musical spectrum. Kingdom of Madness would like to extend a warm welcome to Brian and we are certain his addition to the line-up will be stimulating for both the band and its audiences.

This change has regrettably resulted in some unavoidable adjustments to the touring schedule due to logistical issues, with the shows in Newcastle, Glasgow and Kinross originally announced for 3-5 October 2019 being rescheduled for the band's 2020 touring period. Details will be announced shorty and original tickets will remain valid for the revised dates.


FEB 1 2019

We have now updated the store page where you can buy official Kingdom of Madness t-shirts and beanie hats. We can also offer autographed laminated set lists for each of the shows the band has performed to date. These are personally signed by all band members (not copied!) and limited to just ten set lists per show, so hurry while stocks last. The ultimate show souvenir!


JAN 25 2019


Click here to view the first official footage of Kingdom of Madness on stage, performing the rarely performed classic Magnum track "Tall Ships" live at the band's SOLD OUT show at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton on 21st December 2018

NOV 28 2018

All seven members of Kingdom of Madness were interviewed ahead of rehearsals for the upcoming tour dates in their first full band interview, exclusive to this website.  You can read the interview here

NOV 23 2018

New 30 minute radio interview with Mark about the upcoming Kingdom of Madness shows. Click here to listen .

SEPT 1 2018

More tour dates and festivals announced for 2019. Check out our tour dates page.

JULY 23 2018

A third Kingdom of Madness show has now been added at Level III, Swindon on December 22nd 2018.

JUNE 26 2018

Kingdom of Madness members Mark Stanway and Richard Bailey talk to Roger Fauske on Hard Rock Hell radio from 1pm UK time today. Listen on 

JUNE 23 2018

We are pleased to announce a second Kingdom of Madness show at Sheffield Corporation on December 15th 2018.



MAY 27 2018

Members of MAGNUM’s classic-era line-ups reunite for a celebration of the band’s much-loved back catalogue covering the period 1978-94.


One of the UK’s finest exponents of melodic rock music, Magnum achieved high album and singles chart positions in both the UK and Europe and gained a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands on the touring circuit, delighting audiences with concerts that were always captivating both musically and visually. Highlights of the band’s career include regular sold-out theatre tours including a memorable five nights at London’s legendary Hammersmith Odeon performed during 1988 together with headline appearances at Birmingham NEC and Wembley Arena, as well as appearances at major festivals.


Kingdom of Madness features Mark Stanway, Micky Barker, Richard Bailey, Laurence Archer and Mo Birch – all of whom have toured and / or recorded with Magnum – together with legendary bassist Neil Murray and acclaimed vocalist Chris Ousey – establishing a pedigree line-up of world class musicians. Kingdom of Madness celebrates the legacy of Magnum’s classic period.


“There is an extensive catalogue of great songs from the classic years of Magnum which have not been performed on stage in many years and which audiences have constantly requested” says Mark Stanway, keyboard player with Magnum for 36 years. “Having said that, I should state that we by no means consider ourselves a Magnum “tribute” – how can it be when five of the members have a shared legacy with the band?  I’m delighted to be working with Richard, Micky, Laurence and Mo again and in Neil and Chris we have two musicians with their own distinct history who will obviously bring their personal musical identity to the project. In addition, with our focus being firmly on the music from the earlier period, we do not perceive ourselves as being in “competition” with the current Magnum. There is more than enough music to keep both bands busy - a fitting testament to the song-writing of Tony Clarkin.  I’m truly looking forward to perform classic Magnum music with such a prestigious line-up.”

Kingdom of Madness' first confirmed show is at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton on Friday December 21st 2018.  Tickets available from:



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